Join Us On Social Media

One of the best ways you can help celebrate Speech and Hearing Month is by engaging with SAC on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by sharing or liking our posts.

We have developed several Speech and Hearing Month social media graphics. We encourage you to use these graphics on your personal profiles and use the hashtag #communicateawareness to join the conversation!

Social Media Video Campaign

This year, we’re calling on YOU to share with us.

We know how difficult this period has been for our members and associates. We are in awe of how hard you are working to assist your patients and clients. This year for Speech and Hearing Month, it is more important than ever to emphasize the importance of hearing and communication. 

Watch the video below to learn how you can participate in our Speech and Hearing Month Video Campaign!

We encourage you to share videos of your answers and have also created special social media graphic cards to go along with your posts.

Start a Conversation

Look for opportunities in your daily life to educate others about the importance of communication health. You could give a presentation during a virtual monthly staff meeting, share our resources on your social media and professional websites or even write a letter to your local newspaper. You could also write a letter to your local Member of Parliament asking them to recognize Speech and Hearing Month on their website and social media.

Use Our Free Resources

Our website is home to a variety of communication health resources. SAC encourages you to download these posters, information sheets and brochures and share them with your professional and personal networks. You can find all of our resources here.

If you work with children under 11, be sure to encourage them to participate in our Kid’s Contest by sharing our activity sheets with them electronically.