Autism and Collaborative Care

A recent report by the Public Health Agency of Canada states that approximately one in 66 children in Canada is diagnosed with ASD. This report has helped raise awareness regarding the prevalence of the disorder, but it is not as widely known that speech-language pathology services are integral in supporting people with ASD. Autism spectrum… Read More

Communication and End of Life

In 2016, for the first time, persons aged 65 years and older outnumbered those under 15 years of age. Our aging population has meant that end-of-life care is becoming an increasingly important topic for many people in Canada. Speech-language pathologists, audiologists and communication health assistants play a critical role in providing communication health services at… Read More

Alberta Students Host Speech and Hearing Month Events

In celebration of Speech and Hearing Month, the Organization of Alberta Students in Speech (OASIS) at the University of Alberta will be hosting a series of information tables across Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon throughout May. At these information tables, OASIS members will be raising awareness about communication health with resource materials and Speech and Hearing… Read More

The Hon. Senator Terry Mercer recognizes Speech and Hearing Month in the Senate

On May 3, 2018, the Hon. Senator Terry Mercer gave a statement recognizing Speech and Hearing Month in the Senate. Senator Mercer stressed the importance of early intervention and recognized the work of speech-language pathologists, audiologists and communication health assistants. “Honourable Senators, it is Speech and Hearing Month in Canada. Speech-Language & Audiology Canada …… Read More

New 2018 Resources!

Each year, SAC produces new Speech and Hearing Month materials to promote communication health and raise public awareness about communication disorders. For 2018, we’ve created new resources about autism spectrum disorder and the importance of seeing an audiologist for hearing health.       2018 Posters       2018 Info Sheets We encourage communication… Read More