Most people recover from a concussion, however, about 20% of adults and children experience prolonged post-concussions symptoms, including difficulties with hearing and balance (vestibular). These prolonged auditory and vestibular symptoms can include difficulty hearing and following conversations, tinnitus, dizziness, nausea, visual impairment and more, all of which can adversely affect one’s daily life. These post-concussion symptoms, however, do not need to persist. Audiologists can help!

Audiologists are healthcare professionals who screen, assess, identify and treat hearing loss, auditory processing disorders, tinnitus and other auditory disorders as well as balance problems for people of all ages. As crucial members of post-concussion rehabilitation teams, audiologists work to address and provide interventions, therapies and technologies for audiology-related symptoms.

SAC has developed new Speech and Hearing Month resources for 2020, surrounding the important role audiologists play in concussion management and treatment. Check out the poster and info sheet to learn more. Click the images below to view the resources.